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It is important that we secure access to the film, while giving privileged access to our supporters  and partners. So we hope it does not give you too much hassle to set up your login and password. 

You should only need to do this once, as your browser (any browser) should give you options to ‘save password’ or ‘remember password’ in some way.

Thanks. If you need help still, please contact us .


Login to access your content

You can do so at the Login page.

You will need a username or email address and  a password. If you don’t have a password, do Step 2 below.


 If you have received an email inviting you here. The email address to which you received the message is already recognised and registered as a member this site. If need be then, you can set or reset your password.

Tmr Login Page Screenshot


Set or Reset your Password

This will open a page for you to enter your email address. If the address is already registered with this site, you will receive an email with a link. There you can create your new password.


Check Spam folders if you don’t get the email after a five or ten minutes.


When you have (re)set your password, please go to the Login Page and use your email address and new password to login.


Using social media

Login with Social Media

You can click on the social media icons to login using your existing social media account. Facebook, Twitter or Google.

For the social media login to work:

  1. the email address we sent your Welcome email to should be the same or connected to an existing account on the social media service.
  2.  you must have cookies enabled.
  3. you have have to ‘allow tracking’ when you see the warning on this site. See the Screenshot.

Note that Social Login does post to your social media or anything like that. It simply uses your email to verify your identity, against that social media site.

Login using social media
Tmr Heator Social Warning Bigger
For social media login, you will have to enable cookies.

Whatever browser or computer you are using, you should be able to save these settings (usually by accepting cookies). This means that you will not have to have remember passwords. Also social media login can help ease login. However do be aware that social media site do track your browsing activities on the internet.

Do remember to log out also to help with your account security.