With the final hours left for our campaign..a HUGE THANK YOU !!

With a few hours left, I can say it’s a real blessing to have received support and donations amounting to 11.6k euros toward our film, a sizeable 77% of the target. Thank you all so much. It’s a weird thing to go out looking for donations on a campaign like this.  Marvin himself, in the story, finds it ‘odd’ at first to go out looking for votes. Here he is,  someone looking for political office for the first time and having to ask people to vote for him.  We understand that feeling a little better now and thank you all for your votes of confidence in us.
And of course there’s always the scary possibility of the backlash from getting out there in public gaze with this film.

Does he think he’s Rocky?

Should it be called ‘Marvin the Movie’.

I was speaking to Marvin the other day and he used a term about social media that caught my attention and also made me laugh,

‘Did you look below the line?’, he asked.

Below the line is just right. As I understood. it turns out to be that place where the trolls live. Virtual vocalisers of that vicious public commentary that come with being in social and other media in that truly public space – beyond your own friend groups.  Having said that, it’s not that we had anything bad at all coming back, not that we noticed anyway. The responses and feedback were mostly the opposite – encouraging and useful.

In fact, with those tame examples above, there may even be  some useful metaphors for the craft of documentary making, which is after all about blending artifice and actuality.

Now, for us too, Loraine and Rob, new campaigners with the growing recognition that comes with getting The Mayor’s Race film out there, there’s additional responsibility. It reminds us that we do have something worth sharing and 80 backers who believe in us enough to support the vision by investing their own actual money. We are seriously humbled and grateful for all donations, large and small. Thank you all so much. The funds give a huge leap towards the realisation of the film and your support is a big boost to our feeling about the importance of doing so.

So the best expression of gratitude is now to deliver on our promises and vision for the film. Which we are much closer to doing thanks to your support.  So we look forward to being able to share some updates, deliver all your perks and most crucially, the film itself  in 2017.

& Loraine

[written by Rob, so sorry it’s English only]


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